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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. International Revenue Share
3. Mobile Roaming & SMS Fraud
4. Enterprise PBX Protection
5. SIM Box Bypass Fraud
6. Insider, Dealer & Sales Fraud
7. Cross Industry Fraud, IoT, & Identity Solutions
8. The Fraud Control Role of Regulators & Law Enforcement
9. Databases in Telecom Fraud
10. Wholesaler Fraud Strategies
11. VoIP and Cloud Provider Fraud Control
12. Business & Revenue Assurance
13. Machine Learning & Exponential Technologies
14. Assurance & Fraud Control Best Practices
15. Mobile Monetization
16. Free-Wheeling Discussions with Consultants Colin Yates & Luke Taylor
17. Market Analysis & Forecasts
18. Vendor Profiles
Chapter 1. Executive Summary (12 pages)
Chapter 2. International Revenue Share (34 pages)
A. How IRSF Predators are Evolving their Fraud Attacks
– Predators in Nature vs. Telecom
– The PRISM IPRN Test Number Database
– Big Increase in IPRN Numbers and Aggregators
– Why Fraudsters are Shifting IRSF to New Destinations
– Fraudsters Target Valid Non-VAS & MSRN Numbers
– Number Misappropriation or Number Hijacking
– Legal Remedies for Controlling IPRN Aggregators?
– Why Least Cost Routing is Causing Fraud to Spread
– The Value of Trusted Networks
– The i3 Forum Code of Conduct
– Global Assessment of Fraud Management Practices
– Tactics and Automation of the Fraudsters
B. Machine Learning, Analytic Scans & Tailored Treatment
– A Machine Learning View of Analytics
– Mobileum Developing Full-Scale Fraud System
– Profiling Traffic to Deliver Finer Grain Analytics
– Deeper Traffic Knowledge Allows Better Treatment
– Deep Analysis of Number Ranges
– Mobileum Automates the Traffic Treatment
– Better Accuracy and Less Chasing False Positives
– An Advanced Diagnostics Tool for IRSF Fraud
C. Protecting 900+ Global MVNOs from IRSF Fraud
– Why IRSF Fraudsters are Targeting MVNOs
– Light vs. Full MVNOs
– Scarce Fraud Manager Attention at MVNOs
– A Five-Point Plan for MVNO Protection
– Consulting MVNOs on Fraud Concerns
D. IRSF: Are We Winning Against Telecom Pirates?
– IRSF – A History on the Threat’s Evolution
– Tech Advancements Led to More Fraud Attack Avenues
– The Roaming Gateway to IRSF
– Why Certain Countries are IRSF Destinations
– Bound by International Agreements
– Impact of IRSF on all-IP networks and LTE
– Industry Cooperation
– The Special Case of the Pacific Islands
– IRSF: Mobile Roaming Scenario
– How Fraudsters Advertise Themselves
– The IRSF Number Providers
– Why It’s Hard to Detect and Reconstruct IRSF Cases
– Consulting in the Fraud Business
– A Shared Fraud Managment Model
– Legislation to Stop the Fraud Money Flow
Chapter 3. Mobile Roaming & SMS Fraud (23 pages)
A. Safety in Numbers and NRTRDE: Syniverse's Fraud Intelligence
– The Power of Safety in Numbers in Fraud Control
– Why Fraudsters Love Roaming: The Value NRTRDE
– Syniverse's Global Fraud Footprint
– Details on the Intercarrier Process behind NRTRDE
– Intercarrier Data Handoffs & GDPR Requirements
– Global Fraud Practices & Law Enforcement's Role
B. A2P Bypass: Arraxe Fights Schemes to Exploit Roam-Like-at-Home
– Why Telecom's Darwinian Struggle Invites Fraud
– The A2P SMS Revenue Bright Spot
– How Fraudsters Play the A2P Game
– Fraudsters Exploiting Roam-Like-at-Home
– How Araxxe Combats SMS Fraud
C. Protecting the Roaming Cash Cow: Global Testing of Advanced Networks
– Overview of SIGOS Roaming Assurance
– Tapping into a Global Roaming Test Platform
– Many Roaming Processes Need to be Tested
– Roaming Testing when Mobile Network Changes Occur
– Financial Impact of Regulations on Roaming in Europe
– The Huge Potential of Silent Roamers
D. iconectiv's Fraud & Identity Solutions in Bypass & A2P Messaging
– iconectiv's Revenue Assurance Business
– The SIM Box Problem in A2P SMS Bypass
– Nuances in the A2P Business
– Operators Lack Control over A2P Termination
– Why a Managed Service is Key to A2P Fraud Protection
– Selection of the Right SMS Aggregators is Essential
Chapter 4. Enterprise PBX Protection (23 pages)
A. History of PBX Hijacking and Relations between Enterprises & Telcos
– The History of Enterprise PBX Hijacking
– Early Years: Phone Booth Calls from New York City
– Ramping Down Weekday Fraud to Avoid Detection
– Fraud Responsibility after Enterprises Bought Their Own PBXs
– Why Operators Cannot Refuse IRSF Payments
– Fraud Insurance Plans are Rare
B. Oculeus Launches IRSF Cloud Defense-in-Depth for Enterprises
– PBX Fraud Blocking is Now a Global Cloud Service
– Set Up of the Managed Service via Central Registration
– Almost Zero Administration & PBX Remains Secure
– What Kind of Enterprises Need the Service?
– How SIP IP has Opened Pandora's Box
– Enterprises Want Great Control of Telecom Assets
– Operators to Act as Distributors of Oculeus-Protect
– Older Generation Signaling Also Supported
C. PC Software that Blocks Telecom Fraud at the Enterprise PBX
– Callista Group's PBX Blocking via PC Software
– Genesis of the Control Phreak Product
– Worst Case of Enterprise IRSF Fraud Seen
– What Intelligence are Phreakers Looking?
– Ingenious Ways Hackers Discover Weak Passwords
– The Problem with Four Digit Passcodes
– How Phreakers Work with Fraudsters
– Fraudsters Hiding their Tracks by Chaining PBXs
– How Control Phreak Works
– Cost for Enterprise Protection
– PXX Manufacturers Who Cooperate with Callista
D. Automatic Fraud Blocking at the Enterprise PBX
– Will Fraudster Play the Long Game in IRSF?
– A Solution to Block Fraud at Enterprise PBX
– System Under Development to Guard the PBX
– A 100% Self-Maintained System
– The Forensic vs. Network Side of Fraud Control
– Anomaly Detection Today, Machine Learning Future
– Many Sources of PBX Fraud
– Oculeus Philosophy on Software Development
Chapter 5. SIM Box Bypass Fraud (43 pages)
A. LATRO Teams Up with Law Enforcement to Seize SIM Boxes
– Three Systems Required to Curb SIM Box Bypass
– Success in Geo-Locating SIM Boxes
– Financial Impact of SIM Box Raids
– Network Visualization of SIM Boxes
– LATRO's Signaling Expertise
– LATRO to Offer a Combined RA/FM Solution
– Signaling to Billing Analytics
– LATRO Develops an Expertise in IoT Analytics
B. The Art of Deception and Analysis in SIM Box Bypass
– Why Test Call Generators are Vital in Bypass Control
– White List Defensive Tool
– Making Test Calls to Genuine Subscribers
– Why Using a Large White List is So Valuable
– Interconnect Pricing as Measure of SIM Box Fraud Control
– Reading the Pulse of SIM Box Fraud in a Country
C. Stealth Test Calls: SIGOS Technique to Block SIM Box Bypass
– The SIGOS Fraud Business
– Optimized CDR Profiling for the SIM Box Bypass Problem
– Regulators are Now Very Active in the SIM Box Fight
– Three Reasons why Classical SIM Box Detection is Hard
– SIGOS' Stealth Test Call Technology
– Success of Stealth Mode in Many Countries
– How Operator Supports the Stealth Mode
– Key Advantages of the Stealth Mode
– Why Stopping SIM Box Bypass is a High Challenge
D. Outgoing SIM Box Bypass & Spikes in CLI-Tampering
– Understanding the Psychology of the Fraudster
– Outgoing SIM Box Fraud Example
– A No-Revenue-Loss Kind of Fraud
– Fraudulent CLI Re-Filing in Europe
– Several Operators in the CLI Refiling Chain
– Technical Platform Less Critical than Analyst
E. Integrated Test Call & CDR Analysis in SIM Box
      and OTT Bypass Fraud
– Combining FMS CDR Analysis and Test Calls
– The SIGOS Acquisition of Meucci Solutions
– Brief History of SIM Box Bypass Fraud
– Bypass Detection via the Largest Test Call Network
– Investing in Counter-Measures to Avoid Detection
– A Cocktail of Medicines to Cure Bypass Disease
– The Emergence of VIBER Bypass
F. How a Global Robot Network Detects Voice and SMS Bypass
– Why Bypass Fraud is Hard to Detect
– The Araxxe Robot Network
– The Root Causes of SIM Box Bypass Fraud
– How Bypass Fraudsters Exploit Interconnect Paths
– Coordinating FMS and Test Call Generation
– Efficient Algorithms in Bypass Test Calls are Key
– Strange Events in the SIM Box Bypass World
– A Growing Number of Fraud Schemes in A2P SMS
G. Test Call Generators: Their Use in Mobile Billing Assurance
– Active Call Generation vs. Passive Revenue Assurance
– The Value of a Test Calls in RA
– Roaming Assurance and Global Coverage
– How Operators Work with a TCG Vendor
– The Complexity of Re-Rating Calls
– Demand for Assuring Non-Recurring Charges
– Regulators Monitor Local Operators for Overcharges
– End-to-Testing vs. Over-the-Air Call Simulation
– Quality KPIs Used to Calculate Bonuses
H. Network Protocol Analysis in SIM Box Fraud
– The Hotbeds of SIM Box Bypass
– Why SIM Box Operations Run in Urban Areas
– SIM Box Detection Technologies
– The Correlation between Revenue Loss & SIM Box Bypass
– Confiscating Equipment & Arresting Fraudsters
Chapter 6. Insider, Dealer & Sales Fraud (22 pages)
A. Insider Data Theft & Fraud: Veriato Monitors the Fraud Endpoints
– Why Insider Threat Management Needs More Attention
– On the Network vs. On the Endpoint
– Why Machine Learning is Essential
– Advice from the 2019 Insider Threat Maturity Report
– Departments Who Need Access to Sensitive Monitoring Data
– Coverage for Desktops and Android Cellphones
– Combining User Activity Monitoring & Machine Learning
B. Verizon Insider Threat Report — Summary of Key Findings
– New Title
– Summary Research Findings
– The Five Types of Insider Data Breach Threats
– Scenario 1: Insider Agent Working on Behalf of Outside Entity
– Scenario 2: Data Collector Embedded in System Firmware
– The People and Asset Elements of the Insider Threat
– The Importance of Coordination Among Stakeholders
– Eleven Threat Countermeasures
– Making Full Use of the Verizon Report
C. Create an Anti-Fraud Culture in Your Telecom Organization
– Insider Fraud is a Massive Telecom Problem
– Is There a Fraud Culture at Your Company?
– Different Country Attitudes Toward Fraud
– Insider Fraud Happens at All Department Levels
– Screening the People Responsible for Fighting Fraud
– Procedures to Put in Place to Fight Fraud
– Preparation Around the Evidence to be Collected
– Senior Management's Role
– Consistency in the Anti-Fraud Program
D. Detecting Criminal Activity in the Sales Process
– Focus of Investigation: Systems Related to Sales
– A Multi-Million Dollar Horror Story in Sales
– Enabling Investigators to Detect Abnormal Activities
– Fraud in the Dealer Change: An Example
– Verifying the Salesperson's Activity
– Give the Investigator as Much Info as Possible
– The Fraud Challenge in Offices & Dealer Stores
Chapter 7. Cross Industry Fraud, IoT, & Identity Solutions (32 pages)
A. NuData Sheds Light on Identity in a Fraud-Ridden World
– Verifying Identity through Digital Behavior
– Verifiying via Multiple Factors of Interaction
– Defining Digital Behavior
– The NuData System of Digital Behavior Analysis
– NuData's Experience in the Business
– International Differences
– US Market is Strong in eTail Protection
– NuData Services Offered Through Mastercard
– 50% Protection & 50% Optimization & Retention
B. Syniverse's Secure Global Access: A Neutral Third Party IoT Service
– Why Digital Giants Have Delayed IoT Investment
– The GRX Private IPX Network
– High Security for the Largest IPX in the World
– Daily Petabyte Consumption on the IPX
– A Big Efficiency Play for Global Wireless Net
– Secure Global Access for IoT
– Supporting 50,000 Unique Non-Human Devices
– Monitoring the Non-Human Use Cases in IoT
– RCS Multimedia to Replace A2P Messaging
C. WeDo Explores the IoT Ecosystem in Search of Tomorrow's
      Pivotal Fraud & Business Assurance Solutions
– The New Product Development Challenge
– When Telcos Don't Control the Data of IoT Devices
– The Challenge of Acquiring Domain Knowledge
– Provisioning a Service in a Connected Car
– Fraud and Revenue Assurance Challenges in IoT
– Many Different Slices of IoT QoS in a
– How WeDo Gained Experience in IoT Ecosystem
– The Importance of Edge Computing in IoT
D. Device Intelligence: Guarding Consumer Access Points
     from Fraudsters
– Fraud Protection & Customer Experience Sensitive
– Experian's Business
– Stopping Identity Theft
– Credit Mules
– Collecting Device Intelligence
– Assuming Identity is Compromised
E. BT Americas: Why Security is a Major Board Room Concern
– BT America's Security Practice
– BT is the Sixth Largest Data Mover
– Large Global Practice in Security Managed Services
– Six Motivators of Data Security Protection
– What a Security Assessment is About
F. Cross-Industry "Know Your Customer" Biometrics
     to Verify Identity
– The FRS Labs Business
– Identity Verification in India
– The Indian Government's UIDAI Identity Program
– Know Your Customer and Verify Identity
– Opportunities to Exploit the National Database
– Facial Identification
– Storing Facial Profiles Without Violating Privacy
– Anti-Spoofing Measures for the Camera
– Telecoms Must Buy Cross-Industry Solutions
Chapter 8. The Fraud Control Role of Regulators & Law Enforcement (13 pages)
A. Tracfone's Fraud Controls & Law Enforcement Actions to Stop
     Cell Phone Trafficking
– Tracfone and the US Mobile Market
– Tracfone: An Impressive MVNO and Retailer Partner
– Excellent Subscriber per Employee Efficiency
– A Simple IRSF Control Measure using 800 Numbers
– Cellphone Trafficking: A Financial Burden & Deadly Game
– TracFone’s Aggressive Law Enforcement Campaign
– Conclusion
B. Regulator Action to Stop SIM Box Damage to Developing Nations
– The Costs of SIM Box Bypass Fraud to a Nation
– Breakdown of 7 National Problems due to Bypass Fraud
– How SIM Box Servers have Magnified the Bypass Problem
– Why Regulators Must Step up Law Enforcement
– Four Key Steps Regulators Must Take
Chapter 9. Databases in Telecom Fraud (15 pages)
A. The Early Warning Power of IPRN Test Call Detection
– The Importance of IPRN Monitoring in IRSF
– How IPRN Data Sets Up a Fraud Attack
– The Flow of Criminal Operations in IRSF
– IPRN Providers & Their Rate Cards
– An Early Warning Database for IPRN Numbers
– Customers Finding the IPRN Database Useful
– Accessing the PRISM Database
B. Bringing Telecom Reference Data to Fraud Management
– Marrying Digital Tech with "Baroque" Tech
– History of Biaas in Telecom Reference Data
– A New Database Specific to IRSF Fraud Protection
– Tracking Unallocated Numbers
– Accurate List of Higher Tariff Destination Number Ranges
– Pricing for the Fraud Number Database
– Working with Fraud Control Solution Vendors
Chapter 10. Wholesaler Fraud Strategies (32 pages)
A. Coping with Chaos: The Copernican Revolution in Wholesale
– Planning for Unpredictability in Wholesale
– Wholesale Margins have Vaporized
– Manual Gives Way to Automated Wholesale Ops
– Price Pressure and Job Losses
– Who Wins in Wholesale Traffic Routing?
– The Retail Transition to Digital Services over Voice
– Who Wins the Consolidation Game?
– Strategies Wholesalers Use to Win Over Retailers
– Helping Retailers Work with Wholesalers
B. PCCW Global: First Tier 1 Carrier to Deliver SDN Connectivity
     as a Worldwide Enterprise Service
– Software Define Networks are a Provisioning Innovation
– PCCW, a Tier 1 Global IP Provider
– The Console Connect Fast Connection
– From Manual to Fully Automated Provisioning of Data Circuits
– Enterprise Customers Provisioning Their Own Circuits
– The LinkedIn-Like Console Connect Interface
– How Fast-Connection Changes Wholesale
– Telecom Moves to Software that Enables Customer Agility
C. Wholesaler Fraud Prevention Strategies: Tata Communications
– Tata Communication's Business
– Taking the Fraud Concerns of Retails Head On
– Making the Organization More Accountable
– Doing Due Diligence on Suppliers
– Recognizing the Red Flags of Questionable Suppliers
– Steps Tata Communications Takes to Protect Customers
– Identifying Number Ranges that are a Fraud Risk
– Final Advice to Carriers
D. iBasis Automates Wholesaler Protection of Retail Carriers
– Telecom Price Competition puts the Emphasis on Fraud Protection
– iBasis Protects Large and Small Providers
– Blocking Fraud, but Keeping Retail Customer in Control
– Two Forms of Controlling Fraud Disconnects
– Benefits of Wholesaler Fraud Blocking
– iBasis's Sophisticated Fraud Capability
E. Fraud Management Collaboration: Real Intelligence Sharing
– Cross-Operator Software & Processes
– The BICS FraudGuard Protection Program
– How Operators Help Each Other Through FraudGuard
– The Global Fraud Intelligence of a Large Transit Carrier
– Small Operators are Often Vulnerable to Fraud
– Roll out of FraudGuard
– FraudGuard is Also Valuable for Fraud-Mature Operators
F. The Retail Operator Case for Anti-Fraud Protection
     from Wholesalers
– Being Protective of Your OpCos and Partners
– The Lack of Fraud Resources at Small Operators
– Wholesalers Need to Take on the Responsibility
– Problems When a Nation's Number Ranges are Blocked
– Whoilesaler Deep Commitment to Retailers is Central
– Consulting with Operators about Fraud
– Why Retail Operators Should be Firm with Wholesalers
Chapter 11. VoIP and Cloud Provider Fraud Control (19 pages)
A. Cloud Player Evolve IP: Layered Defense to Control Fraud
– Telecom/IP Player's View of Fraud Control
– The Unique Evolve-IP Business Model
– The Strategy: Cloud Play for Enterprises
– A Layered Defense: Multiple Fraud Solutions
– Fraud Alerting Before Call Closes
– Fraud Management Staffing
– The Network Engineering Operation
– Customers Served & Market Positioning
– Gravitating to Clients Who Require Customization
– Mobile Integration
– Fraud and Security Crossover
– Provider Network's PBX is More Protected
– Analyzing SIP-based Registrations
– A Layered Strategy Works
B. Telinta Hosted Softswitch: Affordable Entry for Comms
– Hosting Telecom Businesses in the Cloud
– VoIP Providers Selling the Full Range of Services
– Hosted PBX Services for VoIP Providers
– Telinta's Telicore Hosted Telecom Cloud Platform
– Virtual Office Services for Telecom Entrepreneurs
– Mobile Extensions to the Hosted PBX
– A Telco Business for a Few Hundred Dolllars a Month
– Entrepreneur Firm is Trained to Configure its Services
– Partners Needed for Everything Outside Switching & Billing
C. Blocking IRSF Fraud at the SIP Session Border Controller
– Overview of the US VoIP Provider Market
– TransNexus and its Ooma Customer
– A $166,000 IRSF Charge to a Small Architecture Firm
– How TransNexus Got in the Business
– The Problem with CDR Analysis in Fraud Detection
– The Virtues of Fraud Blocking via SIP-Signaling
– TransNexus Manages its own IRSF Blacklist
Chapter 12. Business & Revenue Assurance (46 pages)
A. Subex Juggles a Variety of Business Assurance and
     Big Data Analytics Use Cases
– The Variety of Business Assurance Cases
– Subex Opportunities on the Horizon
– The Shift from RA to Business Assurance
– 1. Security for IoT
– 2. Optimizing the Use of Network Assets
– 3. Big Data Analytics & AI Use Cases
– 4. Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming Assurance
– 5. Assuring the Rapid Onboarding of Mobile Subscribers
– 6. AI-Powered Customer Credits & Complaint Analysis
– A Framework for Machine Learning
B. TELUS Analytics Team Telemetry Delivers Internal
     Business Assurance Campaigns
– Internal Team of Data Analytics Experts for Hire
– Mission of the Telus Telemetry Team
– What Telemetry Does to Benefit Internal Users
– Why Telus Chose the WeDo RAID Platform
– Engaging with Various Departments at Telus
– Driving Predictive Analytics Campaigns for Users
– The Evangelical Role of Telemetry's CMO
– Telemetry's Growth Plans
C. Dynamic Reference Data: Symmetry Helps O2 UK with
     Data Governance & Master Data Management
– The Challenge of Synchronizing Legacy Platforms
– Symmetry's Proven MDM Platform at O2 UK
– The Scope of Reference Data Work at O2 UK
– Reference Data and Enterprise Contracts
– The Variety of Reference Data Use Cases
– How a Reference Data Systems is Built for a Telco
– Reference Data Uses in RA, Fraud & Risk
– The Value of Reference Data
– Turning Complex Processes into Managed Services
– Cloud Based MDM Attractive to Group Operators
– A Recipe for Managing Business Speed
D. From Byzantine Software Contracts to Simple & Flexible
     RA Managed Services
– Why Traditional B2B Software Delivery is Byzantine
– The Value of a Mnaaged Service in RA/Billing Verification
– A Managed Service vs. Internal Purchased Software
– Is Operating Test Call Robots a Core Mission of RA?
– Managing Full Billing Verification Campaigns
– Contract Flexibility in Revenue Assurance
– Six Factors to Look for in an RA Managed Service Provider
E. Telecoms Failing CAPEX: The Need for Asset Management &
     Financial Visibility
– CAPEX Spending Often Out of Control
– Why Network Assets Must be Tracked Through Full Life Cycle
– How Subex Solution Manages Network Assetrs
F. Network Asset Choreography: Subex's Discovery
     & Life Cycle Management
– Massive Intelligence Required to Manage Network Assets
– Issues around Decommissioning Network Assets
– Choreographing Network Equipment
– Coordinating Network Assets & Warehouse Inventory
– The Role of ROC Data Integrity Management
– Insights & Predictions for Network Capital Strategies
– Analytics Drives Optimal Asset Use & Capital Avoidance
Chapter 13. Machine Learning & Exponential Technologies (35 pages)
A. Mobileum Attracts Operators to its IRSF-Analyzing & Opex-Saving Machine
B. Deep Fraud Investigations: Mavenir and the Role of Machine
     Learning in IRSF Control
– Mavenir, the un-NEP Telecom Software Provider
– Native Integration of Fraud and Security
– Why Native Network Integration Has Value
– The Difference between Rules and Machine Learning
– Analyzing Roaming Records for NRTRDE Advantage
– Finding Active Roaming Customers who are Fake
– Why Behavioral Analysis has Power in Fraud
– Network Element Monitoring for Security
– Verifying Identity in 5G and IoT
C. MTN Agility: Mastering Exponential Technologies
     in Revenue/Fraud Assurance and Beyond
– Waht Computers Won't Do
– Backgrounds of MTN Experts
– MTN Group's Broad Business in Africa and ME
– Key Challenges in Fraud and RA
– Maturity Gains and Success in Assurance Ops
– MTN on Monetizing the Benefits of RAFM
– Organizing the Innovation Team
– Bringing In Exponential Technologies
– Redesigning Ways of Doing Risk/Assurance
– Making All OPCOs Agile with Co-Design
– Fast Prototyping Examples at MTN
– The People Motivating Side of Innovation
– Assessment of RAFM Solution Vendors
– A Shift Targeted Platforms & Business Assurance
– Will Big Digital Vendors Enter the Telecom Solution Biz?
– The Strategy Moving Forward at MTN
D. False Answer Supervision Solution by IPsoft
– The History of Arbinet and IPSoft's Business
– What is False Answer Supervision (FAS)?
– Statistical Analysis is Required to Detect FAS
– Tight Margins on Voice Traffic Raise the Importance of FAS
– The IPSoft FAS Detection Process
– Statistical Analysis Requires Data Scientists
Chapter 14. Assurance & Fraud Control Best Practices (43 pages)
A. How to Instill a Strong Telecom Risk & Anti-Fraud Culture
– The Vital Role of Industry Consultants
– The Challenges of the African Market
– Financial Infrastructure on the African Continent
– Educating Consumers on Mobile Device Security
– Educating Telcos about Fraud/Risk Education
– The Revenue Assurance and Marketing Partnership
– Risk Reward Awards Recognizes Achievers
– Perspectives on the Value of Industry Forums
B. Nine Simple Strategies to Protect an Operator or MVNO
     from Telecom Fraud
– Jim Bolzenius, Former Verizon Fraud Director
– International and Domestic Fraud Methods
– Subscription Fraud & Identity Issues
– 1. Make Timely Detection & Blocking your Key Goal
– 2. Use Social Network Analysis to Multiply Your Blocking Capability
– 3. Don’t Make PBX Hacking Easy for the Fraudster
– 4. Educate Customers & Call Center Reps about Social Engineering Schemes
– 5. Implement Processes to Limit the Wangiri Fraud
– 6. Control or Turn Off Dangerous Calling Features & Destinations
– 7. Monitor and Test your International Roaming Rules
– 8. Don’t Let Your Guard Down over the Holidays
– 9. Recognize that a Fraud Management System Alone is Not Enough
C. Telecoms Need to Improve Subscription Fraud
     and Customer Onboarding Control
– Acquiring Customers at Low Cost & Minimum Risk
– A Robust Onboarding Process for Mobile Subs
– Mobile Phone Activity: a Great Risk Mitigating Tool
– Demand for Money Laundering Controls
– Managing Risks in Smaller Slices
– Steps in a Successful Customer Engagement
– Fraud vs. Revenue Assurance Data Management
– Solving Integration Complexity Issues
– The Vital Need to "Know Thy Customer"
D. Applying Steve Jobs' Leadership Tenets to Telecoms
     and Business Assurance
– Ed Shanahan RA Consultant
– Simplicity, Organization Focus & Patience
– Telecom as a Horizontal Business Flow
– Maintaining Business Simplicity
– Careful Hiring and Attention to Compensation
– Alignment of Compensation with Company Goals
– Compensation of Sales People
– Getting Sponsors for Business Assurance Goals
– How Would a Steve Jobs Run a Telecom?
E. Make Business Assurance Progress Every Day: Set Goals,
     Automate, and Energize Your Team
– Executives: a Driving Force in Assurance Excellence
– Managing Payment Processes
– Enabling Customers to Pay Any Way they Like
– Keeping the Customer Informed
– Reconcilation of Payments is Similar to RA
– Energizing Staff to Grow and Make Things Better
– A Healthy Skepticism over Full Automation
– Putting Yourself in the Shoes of the Customer
F. A Herculean Task: Battling Fraud in a Complex Comms World
– Michalis Mavis, Former Head of Fraud Control at OTE, Greece
– Fraud Losses Big During Year of Olympic Games
– Brief History of Large Fraud Losses
– Case of the Criminal Ring on the Island of Crete
– Interconnect Fraud
– Perspective on FMS Tools
– Fraud Challenges Going Forward
– Four Key Initiatives in Fraud Control
Chapter 15. Mobile Monetization (38 pages)
A. SIGOS's Purpose-Built Analytics Platform: Mobile Money,
     SIM Box Fraud, and More
– Digital Business Market Change & Competition
– The SIGOS Purpose-Built Approach to Telecom Analytics
– Example of CDR Handling in Nigeria
– Big Data without Querying a Database
– The Privacy Problem with Cloud Solutions
– Dedicated Use Cases Supported by SIGOS
– Three Differentiators in SIM Box Bypass Solutions
– Success in Ridding a Country of SIM Box Bypass
– The Mobile Money Opportunity in Developing World
– A Soup-to-Nuts Mobile Money Solution
– The Goal of Being the Performance Leader
B. Mavenir & Syniverse Platform for RCS Business Messaging
– The Race to Deliver RCS Business Messaging
– The Future is P2A Messaging
– Mavenir's Messaging-as-a-Platform
– Syniverse's Role in Securing the RCS Business
– The Mavenir and Syniverse Partnership
– Capex or Revenue Share Model for Operators
– RBM Solves the Dumb Pipe Problem
C. HGC Taking its Digital/Carrier Expertise to Asia's
     Emerging Markets
– The Financial Success of Digital Companies
– About the HGC Business
– HGC's Value Proposition as a Telecom Firm
– A Local & International Firm
– The Economic & Digital Maturity of Asian Nations
– Asia Adapts to Digital LIfe Very Quickly
– Opportunities in Telecom Service Mix
– The Role of Chief Digital Officer
– Managing the Tough Projects is an Opportunity
D. A Big Win/Win: Protecting Mobile Users While Boosting Revenue
– Real-Time Cloud Services in Mobile
– Allot's In-Line Malware Blocking and Web Protection for Consumers & SMBs
– Details & Benefits of a Proven Cloud Security Service
– The Business Challenge of Mobile
E. Mavenir Merchandizes Data Rewards: A Clever Program that
     Creates Value for Brands, Users, and MNOs
– Delivering Merchandizing Shrewdness in the Mobile World
– A Brief History and Project Growth in Mobile Advertising
– Creating a Win for Users, Brands, and Carriers
– Rewards Programs Were Pioneered in the Gaming Industry
– How a Data Rewards Campaign is Run
– Engaging with Brands via Zero-Rating vs. Data Rewards
– Coca Cola’s Branding Campaign using Data Rewards
– A Campaign for Mondelez’s Candy Brand “5star” in Brazil
– Exxon Mobil in Mexico – A Direct Response Survey
Chapter 16. Free-Wheeling Discussions with Consultants Colin Yates & Luke Taylor (18 pages)
A. Strategic Discussion with Consultant Colin Yates
– Rules Based vs. Machine Learning IRSF Protection
– IPRN Provider and IRSF Trends
– IPRN Numbers & Arbitrage via “Unlimited” Calling Plans
– How IPRN Provider Arbitrage Works with a Human Caller in Morocco
– How to Control Arbitrage via “Unlimited” & Roam Like Home Packages
– The Special Case of Protecting MVNOs
– The Role of Fraud Analyst as the Machine Learning Age Dawns
– Managing Fraud at Group Operators
B. Strategic Discussion with Consultant Luke Taylor
– AI/Machine Learning vs. Human Analysis
– The Move Away from Big Bang Assurance and Analytics Solutions
– Generic Assurance Platforms vs. Solving the Customer’s Key Issue
– The Purpose-Built Platform and Working Across Silos
– Why Telecom Needs Chief Data Officers
– The Rising Importance of Data Governance & MDM
– What Operating Agility Means in Today’s Competitive Telco World
– The Power of a Modular Assurance & Analytics Platform
– The Premium on Multi-Talented Business People and Experienced Teams
Chapter 17. Market Analysis & Forecasts (22 pages)
A. Research Objectives & Methodology
– Research Scope, Contents & Expert Contributors
– Research Methodology
– Method of Forecasting and Estimating Market Size
B. Big Picture Analysis and Overall Forecast
– State of the BA/FM Profession & Solutions Market
C. The Fraud Control Profession and Market
– Telecom Fraud Management Solutions Market by Fraud Type
– A Frequent Executive Blind Spot: Fraud is a Wind that Always Blows
– The Fraud Solutions Market: Vendor Market Share
D. Revenue Share Fraud
– Defining Revenue Share Fraud
– The Four Primary Solution Types Tackling the Fraud Today
– CDR- and Usage Profile-based Solutions
– Hybrid Revenue Share Solutions: CDRs and SIP
– Machine Learning Solutions
– Enterprise PBX Protection Resale
– The Roaming/Global Network Connection
E. Other Fraud Types
– SIM Box Bypass Fraud
– “Roam Like at Home” Services Open Up Voice & SMS Fraud
– Battling Data Theft and the Insider Threat
– The Importance of Law Enforcement to the Fraud Fight
– Analyzing Digital Behaviors Key to Identity & Subscription
– Reassessment for VIBER Mobile Bypass
F. Business, Revenue, & Partner Assurance
– The Rising Opportunities in Business Assurance & Analytics
– The Business Assurance Market: Vendor Market Share
G. Business Assurance Developments and Solutions
– The Modular All-Purpose Platform
– Customized Business Assurance Solutions
– Large Carrier Efforts to Exponential Tech Inside
– IoT Management of Device Identity and Use Case Profiles
– High Performance Network-Resident System & Managed Services
– Dynamic Reference Data Management
H. Mobile Monetization and Mobile-to-Brand
Chapter 18. Vendor Profiles (28 pages)
– Arraxe
– LATRO Services
– Oculeus

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