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Impress prospective customers with your
domain expertise. . .  then objectively
lay out a path for their success

Your marketing campaign will not succeed. . . unless you can persuade VITO.

VITO?  Yes, VITO -- the Very Important Telecom Officer -- the key decision maker, the executive with the authority to buy your solution when all the non-decision maker “Seymours” still want to “See more” details about your product.

Unfortunately, while VITO needs to get your message, it's tough for you to reach VITO.

You see VITOs are very popular people. Everybody wants to reach them. So VITOs are swamped with advertising, email, magazines, and other messages from you, your competitors, and a lot of other people with good ideas.

As a result, the effort it takes you to win even ten minutes of face time with VITO can sometimes be extraordinary.

That leaves you with one big question:

What can I do to increase the odds that when VITO receives my message, she understands the business value of what I'm proposing and takes the first step to become a customer?

Why a white paper is not enough

At first glance, you might consider writing a white paper to VITO. After all, a white paper is a highly targeted message designed to cut through the clutter.

However the problem with most white papers is they are written to influence only a technical audience.

But your goal is to reach VITOs.    And  key decision makers often don't have time to absorb the technical nuances of your solution.   What peaks their interest, though, is hearing how your solution is delivering real business value to other telecoms.  

They are also interested in knowing how your solution saves money, boosts revenue, or increases staff productivity. 

In short, to influence VITO you need a paper with a different focus. You need what TRI calls a "value proposition paper",

Quite simply, a value proposition paper is a tight, jargon-free document that puts your company’s innovation in language that C-Level executives understand and find compelling to read.

Hire TRI to Write Your Paper

OK, so how do you begin? 

Writing the paper in-house is certainly an option.  And if you're so inclined, you may want to read our advice on the subject: How to Deliver Bandwidth-on-Demand to Your Customer's Brain, a simple do-it-yourself guide we wrote in 2001 that still rings true.

But many of you will prefer to outsource the details to a professional.

Now writing a value proposition paper is not a task you can easily hire a free-lance writer for  because a working knowledge of the OSS/BSS and telecom industries is needed.

As you know, TRI is an OSS/BSS research/analyst organization, so we make a living writing market research reports.  And in-between authoring those studies, we also write value proposition papers for industry clients.

Here are some reasons why we think TRI is uniquely qualified to write your paper:

Having a powerful, business-oriented value proposition paper may be just what you need to capture VITO's attention.   When you meet VITO for the first time, can you afford not to be armed with a powerful business-benefit story?


Dan Baker
Research Director

P.S.   If you'd like more details on our value proposition paper program, please send us a note via our contact form.  We'll arrange a call to explain all the details.



Like many telecom solution companies, we know how to recite our technical strengths backwards and forwards. But when it comes to explaining the business benefits of our solution, we've struggled to tell our story in a compelling way.

Then along came TRI. In three weeks -- and with very little effort on our part -- TRI wrote an executive paper for us, "Why the Last Mile of the Telecom Super Highway is the Roughest Part of the Journey."

That paper really hit the mark. It not only communicates our value proposition, but its straight-talking, informative style has enhanced the professional tone of our message. TRI's paper basically energized our marketing. And we're now leveraging it in several ways -- in direct mail, on our web site, and in our sales presentations.

Don Prokopetz, Vice President, Software Solutions
SaskTel International Inc.