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TRI's Consulting

Providing strategic consulting services to telecoms and OSS/BSS solution vendors.  Here are three examples of consulting projects TRI has delivered

Short List of Billing and OSS Suppliers for a CLEC's Major System Upgrade

A national CLEC in the U.S. who had been doubling its business in the previous two years was worried that in less than a year's time its in-house developed OSS/BSS systems would run out of gas. 

The CLEC desired to speed up the screening process and avoid the expense of figuring out which of dozens of OSS/BSS software vendors were qualified to help and had solutions in CLEC's price range.

It hired TRI to develop a short list vendors around the world who could meet its needs.  TRI's mission was to quickly assess the CLEC's situation, assemble vendor intelligence from the TRI database and engage vendors to understand their value propositions, delivery methods, and pricing.

In 6 business days, TRI contacted 18 suppliers, interviewed 15 of them and delivered a 35-page report evaluating suppliers, balancing strengths and weaknesses, and recommending vendors that the CLEC should approach. 

Product Positioning and Marketing Strategy for an OSS Supplier

An OSS software vendor hired TRI to help assess where future opportunities lay in the OSS market. 

TRI interviewed the company's software development, marketing, and sales people to gain a deep understanding of the company's products, processes, and people.

TRI examined competitive profiles in the TRI database and was able to uniquely position the vendor within the OSS marketplace, identifying key markets to target and partners to consider working with.   The project was completed in 30 business days.

Network Equipment Provider's Global OSS/BSS Market Assessment

A large network equipment provider (NEP) hired to assess OSS/BSS and related services opportunities worldwide.

At the outset of the engagement, the NEP supplied TRI with 55 product and services categories.  TRI's mission was to model and forecast those 55 categories across several hundred spreadsheets by service provider type, geographic market, and other segments.

Drawing knowledge from its database, TRI assessed future growth potential, delivered an integrated Excel spreadsheet that modeled the market, and provided recommendations and a presentation on growth opportunities.