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We're grateful that the following buyers of our research reports have offered these personal testimonials.

“The report is well written and very comprehensive.  We not only use it in marketing, but have distributed the HTML version to our sales team.”

Amit Daniel, Executive VP of Marketing & Development
cVidya, Herzliya, Israel

“As an analytics solution vendor, we value industry analysts who can take our complex value proposition and explain it in the context of telecom-specific pain points.  TRI does this very well.  And the bonus of TRI's Report is we get insights on how the competitive landscape perceives the market.”

Jonjie Sena, VP, Market Strategy
TEOCO Corporation, Fairfax, Virginia

“Since our expert is in filtering and enhancing of deep-network big data, TRI’s report is proving a valuable resource for learning the business models of the analytics solutions vendors.”

Thomas Vasen, VP Product Management & Marketing
DigitalRoute, Stockholm, Sweden

"I've covered my copy of TRI's [Revenue Assurance] report with tabs and highlighter.  It's been very helpful for strategic planning and contains many insights about the market."

Gary Ross, VP of Product Management
Connexn, Denver, CO

“I’ve been buying TRI’s reports for many years now.  They’re not only loaded with vital intelligence, they’re a great read as well.  And we’ve found them to be consistently above average in accuracy and timeliness.”

John Hart, Senior VP, IntelePeer, Inc.
San Mateo, CA

“Everybody’s heard of IDC and Gartner, but few outside the telecom industry know TRI.  And yet TRI’s unique analysis brings great value to EMC’s telecom sales effort.  TRI’s reports give us a detailed look at the technical and business issues that communications industry customers face every day.”

Kay Benaroch, Telecom Marketing & Field Sales Programs
EMC Corporation, Hopkinton, MA

"We have used the [Mediation] report both as a research reference and as a strategic marketing planning tool within the organization and have found it to be of great value."

Martin Demers, Chief Marketing Officer

“We needed a vision of the larger billing world—particularly as local, long distance, wireless, and Internet services began to converge on a single bill.  TRI’s billing report helped us see that bigger picture.”

Mike Goebel, Billing & Payment Strategies
Qwest, Seattle, WA

"TRI's numbers and estimates are quite accurate.  Thanks to the availability of TRI analysts to discuss their findings, we were able to extend their research to verify our position in the vendor landscape - allowing us to position ourselves as a market leader."

Lee Yee, Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing
XACCT Technologies

“CSG Systems has utilized TRI’s research to define the market opportunity and dynamics of our industry.  This perspective has been helpful in our strategic planning efforts and in setting product direction.”

Liz Bauer, Investor Relations
CSG International, Englewood, CO

“In the past year we’ve purchased three telecom reports from TRI.  Their reports don’t just sit on the shelf.  Several months later, our consultants continue to use them as valuable reference material.”

Larry Handen, former lead Partner Telecom Practice
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Fairfax, VA

“TRI’s data warehousing report was just what I needed, especially its coverage of marketing and IT strategies.  The information will be very useful as we prepare for the new telecommunications era.”

Haruo Horii, Senior Consultant Fujitsu Research
Tokyo, Japan

“TRI’s report helped me to analyze the complex and rapidly growing telecom billing market both geographically and by carrier type.  The concise, accurate, and timely information took days off the project completion time; and was a valuable tool in the development of an effective sales and marketing plan.”

Doug Crane, Billing Program Director
UNISYS, Blue Bell, PA

TRI’s billing reports helped us pick the right billing stocks to recommend to Wall Street.  They also provided excellent background material for our investment analyst conference on telecom billing.”

Doug Ashton, Managing Director
Jefferies & Company, New York, NY

"TRI's research validates PwC's focus.  Most of our revenue assurance projects see more than a 3 to 1 return in a year.  The low investment, low risk, and high ROI value proposition for revenue assurance holds true through out the ups and downs of the business cycle.  It makes sense in the good times.  It makes even more sense in the 'not so good' times."

Randy Browning, Lead Partner
PricewaterhouseCoopers, New York, NY