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Professional Journals

TRI publishes two industry journals and works closely with other publishers as a way to gather greater intelligence, jump start its research reports, and help telecom pros stay on the cutting edge of business knowhow.  Here are the key journals in TRI's world:

Black Swan Telecom Journal is TRI's professional zine for people active in telecom business assurance, fraud control and analytics.  "Black Swan" derives from the famous book by philosopher and "risk guru" Nassim Taleb who preaches about the misunderstood hazards and opportunities of the tech world.

Black Swan Telecom Journal

FraudTech Journal explore advanced tech tools, services, and strategies to help enterprise fraud professionals do their job effectively.  Fraud control techniques born in the financial world — biometrics, know your customer, on-line behavior monitoring, etc. — are now steadily being employed across several industries.

And without doubt, the growing on-line, digital, and mobile nature of customer interaction is also driving the need for fraudtech.  A good example of where industry boundaries are blurring is in the Internet of Things. While communications tech is a big enabler, IoT is very much a multi-industry play that will revolutionize many sectors (insurance, healthcare, public safety, and more).


Top Operator is another TRI pub.  It covers the wholesale operators and partnering solutions that enable the digital backbone for comms, content, and cloud services — in North America and beyond.  It’s learning about the diverse and innovative network operators, internet exchanges, global carriers, undersea providers, metro fiber providers, data centers, connectivity providers, intelligence sources, BSS/OSS solution providers, and other solutions.