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Professional Journals

TRI publishes two industry journals and works closely with other publishers as a way to gather greater intelligence, jump start its research reports, and help telecom pros stay on the cutting edge of business knowhow.  Here are the key journals in TRI's world:

Black Swan Telecom Journal is TRI's professional zine for people active in telecom business assurance and analytics.  We cover many fields, most notably: revenue assurance, fraud management, analytics, OSS/service assurance, and billing/revenue maximization.

Black Swan Telecom Journal

Telexchange Journal is another TRI pub.  It covers the strategic issues, wholesale and partnering systems, and services that enable members of the greater digital ecosystem to make money together.  It’s learning how and why a motley crew of fiercely competitive service providers cooperate by trading and sharing things like traffic, facilities, services, numbers, spectrum, content, messages, and identity/location information.


Pipeline is the world’s leading publication for ICT, ICE, OSS, and BSS news and information.  Service providers worldwide turn to Pipeline for actionable information they can use to make technology decisions.  For more information or to subscribe, visit

Capacity Magazine

Commsrisk is a website and social media hub that reports on the risks faced by electronic communications providers and their customers.  It covers a broad spectrum of risk and assurance challenges because it see the connections between them; customer privacy is undermined by security weaknesses, technology exploits are invented by criminals, disgruntled employees are more likely to collude in fraud, and so on.  The content is written by industry insiders with a first-hand understanding of the impact risks can have.


Capacity magazine reports on the critical business issues that wholesale carriers face in this rapidly changing telecoms market.  Published bi-monthly with over 4,000 subscribers in 127 countries worldwide, Capacity magazine and its portfolio of business briefings, yearbook, carrier directories and the online news source is the essential source of business intelligence for the global carrier industry.

Capacity Magazine