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Will Your Telecom Business Crash on the Rocks due to Fraud,
Slack Operations, or Poor Business Controls?

Dan Baker

Dan Baker, TRI Research Director

Dear Colleague:

The stakes are tremendous.  Billions of dollars invested in telecom networks, operations, and back office infrastructure are at risk — UNLESS they are protected by the best fraud and business assurance expertise and systems your company can afford.

Assurance provides that extra bit of intelligent monitoring, oversight and coordination that permits a telecom Captain to chart a safer course through the dangerous seas of industry fraudsters, siloed systems, ill-informed decisions, and Murphy’s Law.

Here’s the good news: some smart solution companies are ready to help you take your assurance program to the next level.  Indeed, many of them are using advanced tech like: machine learning, cross-industry solutions, master data management, cloud, and mobile monetization

But here's the problem: How do you sort through the maze of technical and vendor choices available?  And what Assurance investments should you make today that will give your company a competitive edge or major cost savings?  Wouldn't it be great to own an up-to-date resource that sorts through the issues and sharpens your ability to make the right decisions?

Well, you came to the right place.  TRI has just completed an 8-month long research investigation and written a comprehensive 495-page Report — Telecom Fraud & Business Assurance Solutions, Services & Strategies.  The Report both organizes the insights of Assurance experts and analyzes the "state-of-the-practice" in crisp advice and predictions.

Insights from Four Dozen Assurance Experts

Take a look at the quality and experience of the expert contributors whose advice and insights are captured in the Report.  In all, about 70% of the content these experts talk about is fraud/identity-related and the remaining 30% is business/revenue assurance/analytics-related.

We are especially delighted to publish insights from two top consultants: Colin Yates of Yates Fraud Consulting and Luke Taylor of Lateral Alliances, who discuss FM/BA professional challenges in the 18-page Chapter entitled, Free-Wheeling Discussions with Consultants Colin Yates & Luke Taylor.

Who can Benefit from the Report?

The Report is written for both telecom managers of assurance programs, and the solution vendors who help them get the job done.

As a telecom or virtual operator, the Report is ideal for getting your team up to speed on the latest solutions and strategies.  Think about it: a couple thousand dollar investment in intelligence could have a big payoff in fraud prevention and better business control at your firm.

On the solution vendor side, the Report is key to your strategic planning since we had conversations with the vast majority of assurance solution competitors.  The Report will help you answer the vital question: which corner(s) of the fraud/business assurance market should I spend my next R&D and marketing dollar?

A Highly Accessible — Report

We’ve organized the Report for easy access and reference.  We’ve added subtitles through the interview texts and thoroughly indexed this big Report so can quickly find what you are looking for.  Here are the deliverables you get:

Scan the Details; Sample the Research

For a taste of the content in the Report, ask us to email you the free 12-page Executive Summary.  And be sure to scan the details: table of contents, report contributor bios, vendor profiles, and deliverables you get with the Report. 



Dan Baker
Report Author & Research Director/Owner, TRI


As with any research you buy from TRI, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.  If the report does not deliver the quality of research you expect, within 30 days you can return it and receive a full refund on your purchase.