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Market Research Reports

Vendor Profiles

The report features detailed 6- to 8-page vendor profiles on the16 leading cybersecurity solution firms.   The companies profiled are as follows:

Arbor Networks Q1 Labs
ArcSight RedSeal Systems
Bivio Networks RSA
CloudShield Technologies SkyBox Security
M86 Solera Networks
Narus Sourcefire
netForensics Telcordia
NetScout Top Layer

Analysis of Solution Providers

A particular strongpoint of our study are the profiles of leading cybersecurity software vendors.  The profiles are our analysis of each company based on in-depth 45- to 60-minute interviews with the firms. Our focus was on understanding each company's technology, best practices, and competitive differentiators.  

Company Specifications and Web Links

The upfront backgrounder information in each profile is organized in the same format for easy cross-reference. Here you'll find basic company data organized for fast retrieval and web access such as:

  • Corporate backgrounder
  • Overall security business
  • Significant investors and stock market reference for public firms
  • Major customers
  • Significant vendor partnerships
  • TRI's estimate of company financials
  • Summaries of key products in the market
  • Number of employees
  • Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats (SWOT) analysis

Company Revenue & Market Breakdowns

In this section, we provide an estimate of each company's individual revenue breakdown in the market. The numbers are gathered from public documents, conversations with people at the companies themselves, and TRI's industry experience.

Market data will be made further accessible in an excel spreadsheet allowing for the creation of custom tables and graphs. Here you can compare various company market shares by security solution type.