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Advanced Network Solutions for the Large Enterprise

A Market Analysis and Guide to Cyber Security Solutions that
Defend Against Botnet, Denial of Service, and Data Theft Attacks

Report Publication Date: June 2010

Research Deliverables

  • 188 page final report delivered in MS Word and Excel spreadsheets
  • Report also delivered in HTML Help (CHM) format for fast searches
  • License to distribute research freely within your company
  • 2009 Market sizing and 3-year market forecasts in Excel spreadsheets
  • 16 cyber security vendor profiles (average of 6 to 8 pages long)
  • Free telephone inquiry time


  • Report Price: $4,990.  
  • Terms: Net 30 Days

Satisfaction Guarantee

TRI can't stay in business very long if clients who buy our research reports are less than satisfied with them.  Offering a money back guarantee, then, is not only a good thing for you the research buyer, it's also good business insurance for TRI because if our quality starts to slip, we want to be the first to know about it.

Here's our specific guarantee.   Within 15 days of receiving any research report you buy from us, if you're not delighted with its quality, you may notify TRI that you wish to return it.   We will mail out a complete and prompt refund upon the return of the research materials.