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Report Author's Letter

Dear Colleague:

The telecom analytics software and services market is taking off because service providers can’t wait any longer for results.

Call this trend what you like: “Big Data”, “Real-Time Data”, “Fine Grained Data”: it’s a powerful paradigm shift.  The older generation data warehouse solutions are no longer sufficient to win and keep the telco business moving forward.

In mobile markets in particular, telecoms face formidable competition from both traditional rivals and OTT players who are steadily eating away at key profit centers like SMS.  The only way mobile operators can survive and thrive is to drive new revenue, understand customer behavior, launch targeted services, leverage new advertising, retail, and content partners, optimize operations, sell/monetize their data to third parties, and gain a near-real-time understanding of profitability in fine grained segments of the business.

To achieve these things, telecoms are desperate for the actionable intelligence that the new generation of telecom analytics software and services can deliver.

An In-Depth Report on Opportunities and the Competitive Landscape

Hello, I’m Dan Baker, the research director and owner of Technology Research Institute (TRI) and I know a lot of vendors and service providers are desperate for information that will help them capitalize on the opportunities, assess what rivals are doing, and smartly point product R&D and marketing in the right directions.

Well, satisfying that market intelligence craving is precisely what TRI does in this comprehensive 574-page report entitled, The Telecom Analytics & Big Data Solutions Market.

If your job is planning the market rollout of products and services in the telecom analytics market, this study is for you.  Altogether the report will encompass insights from 5 dozen interviews we conducted with vendor and service provider firms for this research.

Making the Vendor & Market Intelligence Accessible

The report is organized and delivered it in way that makes it easy for you to dip in and out of the report and quickly find what you are looking for. Here are the deliverables you get:

Why Solution Vendors and Service Providers will Benefit from this Report

Being a service or software solutions provider in the telecom market has never been more challenging.

The niche your company occupies today may be well known.  But in two years' time that market opportunity may well go away or attract many competitors.  So where should you take your analytics business tomorrow?  To answer that question requires a broad prospective.  And that's exactly what this study will deliver: an in-depth assessment of major and emerging solutions, leading competitors, telco management bottlenecks, plus wider industry trends that impact analytics.

The report will show how you and your company can find profitable niches, invest safely, and avoid excursions into market sectors that are either too competitive or too specialized to attract enough paying customers.

If you work for a service provider, this study is ideal for getting familiar with the industry players in anticipation of investing and partnering with some of them.   The report is a valuable assist for developing proposals and preparing for meetings with analytics suppliers.

Here are some other benefits you receive in this report:

Why TRI is Your Best Choice for Telecom Analytics Market Research

To fully understand opportunities, there’s no substitute for having an analyst who is close to the market.  Consider this: when you buy an analyst report from a Gartner, IDC or Yankee, who is doing the research?  In most cases, the report is the work of only one analyst — and the quality of the analysis is highly dependent on the experience and market interviews conducted by that single analyst, not the larger firm they work for.

At TRI, our focus on the telecom analytics and related business assurance market is amply shown by our coverage of these markets in past research and in our on-line magazine, the Black Swan Telecom Journal.  Do a quick scan of the analytics articles there and you’ll see the type of analysis and access to industry experts you can expect in this study.

Finally, please scan the rest of this proposal: read our detailed table of contents and see what companies we cover in this report.  You'll see why the study delivers the tactical and strategic information you need to fully understand where telecom analytics software and services are headed.



Dan Baker
Report Author & Research Director, TRI

P.S. As with any research you buy from TRI, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.  If the report does not deliver the quality of research you expect, within 15 days you can return the study and receive a full refund on its purchase.