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Market Research Reports


The research report comes in various formats to make it highly accessible for your business planning or survey of the marketplace.  Here is what you receive:


MS Word Report

The research report comes in several chapters in Microsoft Word document snd is sent to you via email.

Big Data Chapters in MS Word

HTML Version of Report with Keyword Search

The full report is available in a series of HTML files in a folder on your PC or Mac. You can use this program to searching the text of the analysis chapters, vendor profiles, and forecast tables.  The contents are fully indexed as well.  This format is ideal for carrying the report on your laptop or smartphone. ;

HTML Version of the Report

MS Excel Spreadsheets

The report comes with a all the Excel spreadsheets containing forecasts, market share data, as well as the source tables to allow you to see TRI's estimates of each vendor's segment breakouts in one Excel table.

Excel Spreadsheets

Free Inquiry Time

Finally, TRI is happy to provide free inquiry time to discuss the report with you and your team over the phone.