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Dear Colleague:

Since 1994, TRI has been researching software trends in the telecom industry. 

In the mid-1990s, we were the first analyst firm to author industry reports on the billing market. Then, as provisioning and service assurance software took off in the late 90s, we followed that trend too. In recent years we’ve authored reports on revenue assurance, and telecom analytics/big data.

Our most recent report is Telecom Identity Fraud 2020 featuring the analysis of 36 experts. This report covers Subscription Fraud, Identity Verifications, IoT Security, and Signaling Security.

In 2019 we published a 495-page study on Telecom Fraud & Business Assurance Solutions, Services & Strategies featuring commentary from 48 contributing experts.

At TRI, we monitor the market through three on-line magazines TRI publishes: Black Swan Telecom Journal, which follows fraud control, business assurance, and analytics.

We look forward to serving your intelligence needs as this fascinating — and constantly changing — comms industry of ours.


Dan Baker
Research Director of TRI