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Dan Baker

Dan Baker, TRI Research Director

Dear Colleague:

Telecoms face some enormous challenges today in managing fraud.

But after interviewing dozens of fraud management (FM) experts in the last few months, I’ve discovered there are many fresh and innovative FM solutions and tactics out there that service providers can take advantage of.

You can read about these solutions — and gain some valuable fraud-fighting advice as well — in TRI’s new 239-page report entitled, Telecom Fraud Management Services, Software & Strategies.

Gain Insights from Dozens of FM Experts

In the 21 years I’ve been writing research reports on telecom software, I've learned that the best way to gain valuable state-of-the-practice insights is to rely heavily on conversations with domain experts.

Now you might think that experts in a sensitive area like fraud management would be reluctant to speak out.  But I found the opposite is true: fraud management experts are actually eager to share intelligence with their colleagues because that’s the best defense against their common enemy, the fraudsters.

Take a look at the quality and experience of the 14 industry experts and consultants who are the main contributors of advice and perspective in this Report.  Consider too, there are another two dozen or so experts I interviewed whose insights are included in the Report, too.

Who can Benefit from the Report?

The Report is written for two groups of people: telecom carriers fighting fraud and the solution vendors who help them get the job done.

On the solution vendor side, if your job is to plan, develop and sell fraud management products and services, the report contains rich market intelligence because we spoke to the vast majority of FM solution competitors.  What’s more, the Report will help you answer that vital question: what corner of the FM solutions market should I spend my next R&D and marketing dollar?

And if you work for a telecom or a virtual comms provider, the report is ideal for getting your FM team up to speed on the latest solutions and strategies to combat fraud.  Think about it: the study requires a small $2,250 investment, but the intelligence inside could lead to a big payoff in fraud prevention at your firm.

A Highly Readable — and Accessible — Report

As an industry analyst, one thing I really care about is the readability of my reports.  If you are not familiar with them, check out the two blogazines I edit, Black Swan Telecom Journal and Telexchange Journal.  The Report uses the same easy-reading and explanatory style.

We’ve also organized the Report for easy access and reference: here are the deliverables you get:

Scan the Details; Sample the Research

Finally, I urge you to scan the details: the table of contents, report contributor bios, vendor profiles, and deliverables you get with the Report.  The 5-page Executive Summary is freely available for you to download.  Read it: there’s some valuable intelligence in there.  And I think it will whet your appetite for getting the full report.



Dan Baker
Report Author & Research Director, TRI

P.S. As with any research you buy from TRI, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.  If the report does not deliver the quality of research you expect, within 15 days you can return the study and receive a full refund on its purchase.