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TRI conducted in-depth interviews with more than three dozen fraud management experts for this report.  Here are bios of some of the key people who contributed their perspective to the report:

Luke Taylor, Neural Technologies Ashwin Chalapathy, Subex
Dror Eshet, cVidya Jim Dalton, TransNexus
Jan Dingenouts, Consultant Steve Heap, IPsoft
Mark Johnson, TRMG Xavier Lesage, Araxxe
Shankar Palaniandy, FRS Labs Eric Priezkalns, Commsrisk
David West, Equinox IS Lex Wilkinson, LATRO Services
Colin Yates, Yates Consulting Mark Yelland, RAAIIM
Luís Moura Brás, WeDo Technologies  

Xavier Lesage

Xavier Lesage, President, Araxxe

Xavier Lesage is president of Araxxe, a managed services firm that uses robotic test call systems to detect revenue assurance and fraud issues.

Prior to joining Araxxe in 2005, Xavier managed major revenue assurance and billing programs at Accenture for telecom clients such as Orange, Vodafone, Telecom Italia, AT&T and Liberty Global.  Contact Xavier via email.

Dror Eshet

Dror Eshet, Product Manager, cVidya

Dror Eshet is a leading expert in telecom fraud with more than 15 years of experience in fraud detection and prevention at various large enterprises.  Joining cVidya in 2008 as a global fraud prevention consultant, in 2012 Dror was promoted to his current position as the company’s FraudView product manager.

In 2007 he took on the role of fraud prevention manager at MIRS Communications Ltd., a wireless provider (currently part of HOT Telecommunication Systems Ltd., a leading provider of cable television, Internet, broadband and telecom services in Israel.

Before joining MIRS, Dror served nine years as a fraud prevention manager at Bezeq International a company of Bezeq (TASE: BEZQ), Israel’s largest and leading telecom group, offering a full range of telecom services.  Dror holds a BA in Business Administration.  Contact Dror via email.

Jan Dingeouts

Jan Dingenouts, Independent Consultant

Jan Dingenouts is an independent consultant with an in-depth anti-fraud expertise.  He has 27 years of experience in Telecom Sales and Business Development.  His most recent 14 years were in International Voice and Carrier Relations.

Jan also has a successful track record coaching highly motivated teams to exceed their revenue, margin and cost targets.  His consulting and negotiating skills leverage the excellent contacts he has with International Carriers across the Voice & Mobile Data Business.  He also has experience working in multi-cultural organizations.

Jan operates out of his home in Monaco.  Contact Jan via email.

David West

David West, Exec. VP, Equinox Information Systems

David West is executive vice president of Equinox Information Systems, responsible for developing and implementing the company’s long-term strategic plan, including product design and marketing.

Equinox Information Systems is one of the leading fraud and revenue assurance software vendors in the US.  Contact David via email.

Shankar Palaniandy

Shankar Palaniandy, CEO, FRS Labs

Shankar Palaniandy is the Founder and CEO of Fraud Risk and Security Research Labs (FRS Labs).  A Certified Fraud Examiner, Shankar’s experience range from business planning and analysis to development and deployment of complex intelligence systems.  Over the past 18 years his work has included enterprise architecture, new product development and fraud prevention for Telecoms, Financial Institutions and Governments.  Contact Shankar via email.

Steve Heap

Steve Heap, Consultant, IPsoft

Steve Heap has many years of experience in international companies ranging from small start-ups to major multinational corporations. His responsibilities have been across strategy, planning, engineering, and operations. As the CTO of Arbinet he came face to face with many fraud issues and tackled some of the more severe ones in partnership with IPsoft.

Now as a Senior Technical Consultant with the company, he focuses on extending IPsoft’s broad portfolio of autonomic analytic systems to the carrier environment. Contact Steve via email.

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson, Consultant, TRMG

Mark Johnson is a former drug enforcement operative and a corporate fraud manager for several major international communications firms, including Ericsson and Cable & Wireless.  He is the author of two books on communications and cyber security, and another two on Second World War history.

Mark now provides training and consultancy for UK Police forces, the UK Home Office, the financial services sector and a number of global compliance and risk training organisations.  Contact Mark via email or The Risk Management Group (TRMG).

Lex Wilkinson

Lex Wilkinson, CEO, LATRO Services

William “Lex” Wilkinson is the CEO of LATRO Services, Inc., a private company based in Easton, PA.  He was a pioneer in fighting fraud during the cellular market explosion of the early 1990’s and was an original member/founder of the CTIA Fraud Task Force in 1991.  As a security consultant to industry associations and wireless operators worldwide, Lex has seen first-hand the many ways fraud can affect organizations and cost millions in lost revenue.

Later as an executive with Rural Cellular Corporation, he participated in the sale and integration of RCC to Verizon Wireless where he remained until 2010.  Based on his years of experience and as a Tier 1 telecom executive, he created LATRO Services to develop and implement advanced fraud analysis tools and managed services for wireless operators worldwide.

Mr. Wilkinson is a retired Police Detective and a graduate of DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania.  Today, LATRO Services operates in over twenty-five markets on four continents.  Contact Lex via email

Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor, CCO/Deputy CEO, Neural Technologies

Luke is Chief Commercial Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer and a board member of the Neural Technologies Group.  Luke has overseen with his CEO the restructuring of the business to align to the challenges and evolution of the marketplace and Neural Technologies long-term strategic objectives.  Luke has been with Neural Technologies since 1997, acquiring comprehensive and varied commercial experience that has allowed him to expand the global awareness of Neural Technologies through successful marketing strategies, as well as introducing and expanding sales opportunities through leading global alliances and direct sales infrastructure.  The increase in growth and revenue has already been witnessed since his appointment as CCO in 2014 as Neural Technologies continues on its global expansion into a multi-million dollar turnover company.

Achievements have included gaining government funding for innovational product development, the sale of the largest combined fraud and credit risk deployment in Europe, framework agreements with leading telecommunication service providers in the Middle East and Asia, the launch of Minotaur software as a service, sales expansion into Middle East and Latin America, the development of a truly holistic risk solution including fraud, credit risk and revenue assurance in the one common interface that allows Neural Technologies to maintain their technological lead in the big data space.

Luke is very much hands-on working closely with the global senior management team in North America and Asia Pacific and involving himself in all aspects of commercial strategy to ensure the company is constantly striving forward and reflecting the changing marketplace, whilst maximizing on profitability. Contact Luke via email.

Eric Priezkalns

Eric Priezkalns, Editor, Commsrisk

Eric Priezkalns is the editor of Commsrisk and a recognized expert on communications risk and assurance.  After a successful full-time career, he now splits his time between occasional consulting projects and his many other passions.  Priezkalns was Director of Risk Management for Qatar Telecom and has worked with Cable & Wireless Group, T-Mobile UK, BSkyB, Worldcom UK and other telcos, as well as advising software developers and system integrators.

Eric was lead author of Revenue Assurance: Expert Opinions for Communications Providers, published by CRC Press.  He was a founding member of Qatar's National Committee for Internet Safety and the first leader of the TM Forum's Enterprise Risk Management team.  Eric currently sits on the committee of the Revenue Assurance Group, and is an editorial advisor to Black Swan.  He is a qualified chartered accountant, with degrees in information systems, and in mathematics and philosophy.

Mark Yelland

Mark Yelland, Independent Consultant, RAAIM

Mark Yelland has been working in the revenue assurance and fraud space for over 20 years.  For the last five, he has run a small consultancy firm, RAAIIM, targeting the smaller and newer operators, helping them get started or improve their revenue leakage and risk management.  Showing them what can be achieved with minimal spend — getting more out of their existing systems, or developing tools using open-source products.

Like all engineers, he enjoys solving problems of all types, trying to find elegant, cost effective and simple solutions to big problems.  His engineering training comes from the degree course at Cambridge University and his business skills come from the Open University MBA.  Contact Mark via email.

Ashwin Chalapathy

Ashwin Chalapathy, Global Head of Consulting, Subex

A 19-year IT industry veteran, Ashwin Chalapathy is Global Head of Consulting, Solutions and Managed Services at Subex.  His experience spans engineering, operations, business development and a strong people focus.  He is currently responsible for developing domain-led solutions, services and technology offerings.  When he joined Subex in 2007, he set up the fulfillment and assurance business unit and in 2010 took the reins of Subex’s Managed Services Portfolio.

Ashwin is the former Group Head for engineering across several product lines at Siemens Public Communication Networks Ltd.  He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Mysore. Contact Ashwin at Subex by email.

Jim Dalton

Jim Dalton, CEO, TransNexus

Jim Dalton is the founder and CEO of TransNexus, Inc.  Jim became involved in the telecom industry in 1988 when he began working at BellSouth.   His work there included financial analysis and market planning for BellSouth’s GSM wireless and mobile data businesses.  This experience led to his early recognition of the promise of Voice over IP and the founding of TransNexus in 1997.

Dalton holds seven US patents for VoIP clearing and settlement technology . He holds a mechanical engineering degree from Duke and a MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton school.  Contact Jim via email.

Luis Bras

Luís Moura Brás, WeDo Technologies

Luís Brás is a Professional Services Senior Manager in the Fraud Management area at WeDo Technologies.  Having joined the company at day one, he has held several roles in the Product Development and Systems Integration teams.

Prior to that, he worked at the mobile operator Optimus, gaining 17 years’ experience in the telecommunication industry.

Luís holds a degree in Applied Mathematics from Universidade Portucalense and an Executive MBA from Porto Business School.  Contact Luís via email.

Colin Yates

Colin Yates, Yates Fraud Consulting

Colin Yates has been working in the Telecom Fraud, Security and Investigation areas for 24 years and for 6 years held the position of Vodafone’s Group Head of Fraud Management and Investigations, based at the Newbury, UK Vodafone Headquarters, with responsibilities across the Vodafone footprint.

Prior the joining Vodafone, Colin spent 11 years in a similar role with Telecom New Zealand, which he joined after a 19 year career in the New Zealand Police.

Colin left Vodafone in July 2012 to start his own fraud consultancy, Yates Fraud Consulting.  In this capacity he has been appointed as Fraud Consultant to Xintec and is also Fraud Advisor to the Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA).  Contact Colin via email.